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For 6 Rostii x 35g: 150g potato, 150g gold ku­mara Finely grate both potato and ku­mara. Place in a tea towel and squeeze to re­move ex­tra mois­ture. Add to this 40g melted but­ter, 6g salt, 5g chopped thyme. Mix and then place mix­ture onto bak­ing paper, and push into a cut­ter ap­prox­i­mately 3.5cm wide. Re­peat with the rest of the mix. Cook on a hot­plate or in a fry pan to colour each side, then pop into the oven for 11 min­utes on 180C.

Cured Veni­son:

200g veni­son Denver, 100g brown cof­fee su­gar, 35g rock salt, 4g fen­nel seed, 3g ju­niper berry. In a pes­tle and mor­tar break the fen­nel and ju­niper. Mix in the salt and su­gar. Cover the veni­son with the salt mix and re­frig­er­ate for 2 days. Wipe mix­ture off and put aside till needed.

Olive Tape­nade:

100g pit­ted Kala­mata olives, 15g capers, 5g pars­ley, 10g raisins – soaked in boil­ing wa­ter for 30min then drained, 20-30ml olive oil to help form a paste. Blend till fine.

To fin­ish: Sear 100g veni­son loin on all sides till rare. Rest for 20min.

To present: Warm the rostii, place a slice of the veni­son loin on it, then a lit­tle of the tape­nade and fin­ish with a fine slice of the cured veni­son.


Make the rostii 70grams (dou­ble the above) and omit the cured veni­son for this ver­sion. Paint the rostii with the tape­nade, For each por­tion use 70g veni­son, seared and cooked to rare and rested cov­ered to keep warm.

For the gar­nish on the plate:

Gai lan leaves and their flow­ers, quar­tered shi­itake mush­rooms, sliced olives, olive oil and the cook­ing juices for the dress­ing.

Present and gar­nish as per your pref­er­ence.

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