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S is for Selvedge

Selvedge refers to the edges of fab­ric, spe­cially wo­ven so that it doesn’t fray. The term is com­monly used in ref­er­ence to pre­mium jeans that are cut with the out-leg seam on the selvedge.

U is for Un­der­col­lar

The name is pretty self-ex­plana­tory. Its pri­mary func­tion is to en­sure the col­lar of your jacket sits per­fectly around your neck.

V is for Vest

Amer­i­cans call it a vest while the Bri­tish call it a waist­coat. Both re­fer to the sleeve­less gar­ment that matches the jacket and trouser to form a three-piece suit.

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