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When life throws you le­mons, make le­mon­ade … or bet­ter yet, slice them up into a hefty gin and tonic!

I’m a firm be­liever in a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude get­ting you a lot fur­ther than a sour face and dire out­look, whether it’s life in gen­eral or some­thing stress­ful, like a wed­ding or big event. Things can and do go wrong. There are very few oc­ca­sions in life when ev­ery­thing runs one hun­dred per­cent to plan – just ask any wed­ding or event plan­ner! It’s what you think and do about th­ese oc­cur­rences that counts!

Over the last few months, I could so eas­ily have thrown the towel in on more than a few oc­ca­sions … or thrown my toys com­pletely out of the cot. It may have felt sat­is­fy­ing at the time, but would it really have achieved any­thing? Prob­a­bly not! Deal­ing with my daugh­ter’s on­go­ing health is­sues, and bash­ing my head against many prover­bial brick walls in my deal­ings with politi­cians and med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als, has taught me a lot about “suck­ing it up” in or­der to get a bet­ter end re­sult for all con­cerned. I won’t go as far as say­ing that I’ve be­come pa­tient – that would really be stretch­ing the lim­its of ev­ery­one’s imag­i­na­tion! But I have come to re­alise that, like cheese and wine, good things take time.

When it comes to plan­ning your big day, bear in mind that ev­ery sup­plier you work with is in this in­dus­try be­cause they love what they do. They aren’t there to make your plan­ning or your day a mis­ery – quite the op­po­site! They’ll do ev­ery­thing in their power to en­sure their prod­uct or ser­vice forms part of your per­fect big­ger pic­ture … and, in most in­stances, that’s what you’ll get... a per­fect big­ger pic­ture.

But, when and if things go slightly awry, do your­self and all those around you a huge favour – take a deep breath, count to ten, and tell your­self that ev­ery­one is hu­man and that mis­takes do hap­pen. So long as ev­ery­one works to­gether on a so­lu­tion, the out­come is likely to be pretty damn good. But level the axe on some­one and prance around like a true Bridezilla, and things are likely to get even worse!

Above all, re­main calm – your love for one an­other and your unity as a couple are all that really count in the end!

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