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Dis­play your pret­ti­est items on these om­bre-ef­fect shelves and en­joy a beau­ti­ful sun­rise (or sun­set) every day


Long ruler, mea­sur­ing tape, pen­cil and eraser Large cir­cu­lar piece of wood or MDF (we used a cus­tom-made 900mm MDF art board, 4mm thick) Level and set square 3 pieces wood for the back (we used 19mm-thick o cuts a lit­tle shorter in length than the shelves) Wood glue and damp rag 3 x lengths pine for shelves, 2 the same length, 1 longer (ours were 135mm wide x 19mm thick x 700mm/865mm long) Drill and 9 long screws (we used 50mm); see step 6 3 paint­brushes Your choice of Re­sene colours (we used Re­sene Space­cote Low Sheen in Re­sene ‘Cos­mos’, Re­sene ‘Corn­flower’ and Re­sene ‘New York Pink’; for a higher sheen use Re­sene Lus­tacryl semi-gloss) 2 key­hole pic­ture hang­ers and screws

1 Draw ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal guide lines through cen­tre of cir­cle.

2 Mark where top and bo om shelves will go. Shelves should sit a li le in­side cir­cle.

3 Draw the same 3 hor­i­zon­tal lines on the back of the cir­cle.

4 Draw a line down cen­tre of short edges on each piece of wood for back. Glue each piece onto back of cir­cle, match­ing up lines on wood and cir­cle. Press firmly, wipe away ex­cess glue with a damp cloth and leave to dry as per glue in­struc­tions.

5 Draw line down cen­tre of short edges on shelves. Glue along back of each shelf and po­si­tion on front of cir­cle, match­ing up guide lines on cir­cle and shelf ends; the long­est shelf goes in the mid­dle. Press down, wipe and leave to dry as in Step 4.

6 Drill 3 screws along each piece of wood on back. Screws must be long enough to go right through into shelves, to se­cure. 7 Plan the pro­por­tions of the om­bre ef­fect. We di­vided it into 3 sec­tions.

8 Paint top shelf and area above it, and half­way be­low it, in your light­est colour.

9 Work­ing with 2 brushes, paint mid­dle sec­tion and shelf in your medium colour, blend­ing in grad­u­ally with lighter hue above. Re­peat for bo om shelf, blend­ing medium colour into your dark­est colour.

10 Once dry, add a sec­ond coat if needed. A ach hang­ers to back of the cir­cle. Mea­sure and drill hang­ing screws into wall. Hang shelf and style!

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