A health pow­er­house all on its own, honey’s ben­e­fits are fur­ther in­creased when cou­pled with pas­sion­fruit. Here’s all you need to know about this dy­namic duo

Busi­ness is hum­ming in the heart of Ro­torua, es­pe­cially at Stream­land Honey where the launch of its lat­est Pas­sion­fruit ‘n Honey flavour com­bi­na­tion is cre­at­ing a bit of a buzz. As a pi­o­neer­ing young Kiwi honey brand, its fo­cus is on the evolv­ing fu­ture of the New Zealand honey in­dus­try, which means keep­ing tra­di­tional honey cras alive while cham­pi­oning the next gen­er­a­tion of bee­keep­ers.

Honey’s well­ness re­wards as both a food and medicine have long been cel­e­brated, and the com­pany’s new flavour pair­ing is set to be par­tic­u­larly ben­e­fi­cial for a num­ber of rea­sons.

“The health ben­e­fits of honey go way be­yond its de­li­cious taste,” ex­plains Stream­land Honey Di­rec­tor Bre‡ Bargh, who – along with his wife and busi­ness part­ner, Mag­gie – sources honey from hives all over the coun­try to cre­ate the brand’s unique blends. The cou­ple, who have grown the com­pany from sev­eral staff to an in­ter­na­tional brand com­pany in just over five years, con­tinue to innovate their prod­ucts and de­liver at least four new con­cept honey prod­ucts to the mar­ket each year. They have had great suc­cess with blend­ing honey with fruit – think Lemon ‘n Honey and Cran­berry ‘n Honey – and ex­port their honey around the world. The new flavour ad­di­tion to the range again show­cases their skill at blend­ing the per­fect fruit with their ex­cep­tional honey, with the tart notes of the pas­sion­fruit per­fectly bal­anc­ing the beau­ti­ful sweet­ness of the honey.

“Pas­sion­fruit ‘n Honey is a com­bi­na­tion of

100 per­cent pure New Zealand honey and nat­u­ral pas­sion­fruit extract,” says Bre‡. “Pas­sion­fruit is a good source of nu­tri­ents, es­pe­cially fi­bre, vi­ta­min C and vi­ta­min A. It is a com­mon be­lief that the com­bi­na­tion of honey and pas­sion­fruit can help with a long list of com­mon ail­ments, in­clud­ing di­ges­tive is­sues, acne and weight gain.”

Add to that honey’s proven an­tiox­i­dant and an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties – par­tic­u­larly in Ki­wipro­duced manuka honey – and it’s easy to see why

honey has been re­garded as one of na­ture’s su­per­foods since an­cient times.

Of course, honey is u„erly de­li­cious, too. “It’s a nat­u­ral source of car­bo­hy­drates which pro­vide strength and en­ergy to our bod­ies,” says Bre„. And if you’ve been do­ing any ex­er­cise, there is more good news, as honey is also known to help re­duce mus­cle fa­tigue.

Pop a scoop in your smoothie for a burst of flavour, driz­zle it over yo­ghurt for a mid-morn­ing brain boost or add it to a deca­dent cheese pla„er shared with friends on a warm sum­mer’s eve. How­ever you choose to use Stream­land Honey, you know you’re not just giv­ing your­self a delectable treat – cou­pled with the cir­cu­la­tion- and im­mu­nity-boost­ing ben­e­fits of pas­sion­fruit, you’re also im­prov­ing your health from the in­side out.

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