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Stored so safely, I don’t know where

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- — Megan Banks

I’ve lost something. I’ve put it in a really safe place and I can’t find it. And it joins a long list of things I’ve lost recently. Earlier this year, I lost a brand new, handmade face mask in really pretty fabric. I had put it somewhere safe for when I needed it to go on a flight.

I’m gutted I can’t find it, and had to buy another one. By the way, Carol from the Crafty Fox makes beautiful masks, so it was no hardship to buy another one from her.

Thankfully, it appears, I’m not alone. A listener lost her car keys and found them in her apron pocket.

What an infuriatin­g search that must have been.

Another caller can’t find six pairs of earrings she had bought for friends’ birthday presents. Gutted.

But along with my figure, my mind, and a face mask, I’ve now lost something that money can’t buy, both emotionall­y and financiall­y:

I’ve lost my late mother’s jewellery. It’s important jewellery, too, as this wee stash also included her mother’s jewellery and her grandmothe­r’s and so on.

My sister gave the jewellery to me to keep safe until we could decide what to do with it.

We both wanted to commission a new identical piece and I also want to use Mum’s jewellery to get a new wedding ring made for me.

So now I’m walking around the house, muttering like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.”

I’ve searched in the usual suspect places. Is it in the underwear drawer? No. On top of the wardrobe in a special box? No, not there either. What about the garage? No.

The annoying thing is we live in a house with no storage so my options of putting it in a random cupboard are severely limited and yet still I can’t find it.

The safe place I put it in is now so safe, no one can find it. Adam suggested I ask a psychic. Great idea.

However, I’m worried that instead of guiding me as to where I possibly put it, my very own mother will come through and berate me for being so cavalier with her precious possession­s. I’ll get a scold for losing the gold.

I’m not giving up just yet, though. I know at some point in the next 10 years we will probably move house. I’m sure it will turn up then – along with the face mask.

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