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Covid shadow on countdown to long-awaited getaway in Fiji

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- — Megan Banks

Well it’s time to say goodbye readers. Don’t panic, not in a forever way. More in a “I better be in Fiji this time in two weeks” way, so this might be my last column for a month.

As we edge ever closer to a holiday that was booked three years ago and rebooked twice, the old nerves of mine are edging ever closer to tipping point too.

I think I must subconscio­usly be quite worried that it will never happen. After the horrible bouts of illness that we’ve all had, I am paranoid Covid is going to get us just before we head away.

So if I have to go out, I mask up absolutely everywhere and now feel like I’m the odd one out. I’m making up excuses not do to things that involve other people just in case they are harbouring something that will cancel the trip for us.

That, and of course we actually can’t afford to move in the leadup to this trip. I’m sure the kids are sick of hearing me say “no we can’t have cheese, we’re saving for Fiji remember”!

To make matters worse, I bought a couple of pairs of togs recently that were going to change my life, I imagined. They looked great in the pictures, when they arrived they seemed of good quality. Then during the school holiday I took a pair out for a test drive at my favourite pool (and by pool I mean hotpool) Ocean Spa and here’s the thing about the togs.

The togs look okay when they are dry, but the beautiful two-piece that has almost a tutu-style top, floats up in the water when it gets wet so it looks like I am a gigantic bullfrog sitting on a lily pad. Not a good look to get mistaken for an amphibian when I am wallowing in the South Pacific Ocean. So the countdown is well and truly on. My sister, who is the ultra-organiser in this relationsh­ip is sending me through lists daily. A snacks list, a drinks list, a first aid list, a Covid list, a list of clothes for the plane, a list of clothes to get changed into when the 30 degrees hits you at Nadi, a list of presents to leave for the staff . . . the list goes on.

Hope I haven’t forgotten anything! Bula vinaka.

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