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‘It's a neat feeling to be a part of a team like ours'

- Brenda Vowden If anyone is interested in helping with voluntary administra­tion at Velocity Kickboxing call 0274462757 or see the Velocity Kickboxing Facebook page.

Velocity Kickboxing members went in boots and all as they fought their way through the recent World Karate Organisati­on Shinkyokus­hinkai NZ 2022 Kokoro Cup tournament in Napier.

The event was organised and run by the Napier based New Zealand representa­tive for the World Karate organisati­on Shinkyokus­hinkai.

Velocity Kickboxing trainer David Jackson says Shinkyokus­hinkai is the largest Kyokushin organisati­on around the world with the most difficult level of open full contact karate competitio­n. “Our Velocity fighters were going up against some of the best in the South Pacific region.”

Velocity was the only kickboxing club to attend the karate rules competitio­n, with seven competitor­s participat­ing and achieving a first and third place in respective divisions.

“Seventeen-year-old Mark Zyskowski and 15-year-old Saraid Murphy did exceptiona­lly well as Saraid had never previously had a fight and was against girls with years of fighting experience. Mark has had three previous kickboxing bouts and narrowly lost each of them so this was a huge step up in performanc­e from him.”

David says his Velocity Kickboxing team was invited to the event, held at the Meeanee Indoor Sports Centre, and included David Rogan, Brayden O'Sullivan, Jayden Jackson, Saraid Murphy and Mark Zyskowski.

“We also had coaching staff Nicole Kavanagh, Lee Perry and myself, plus supporters from the club to cheer everyone on,” David says.

He says Shinkyokus­hin fighting tournament­s are based on bare knuckle, full contact knock down rules.

“You win by causing damage to the other fighter resulting in their being unable to continue.”

Around 150 participan­ts took part in the competitio­n, with Velocity members increasing their training leading up to the event.

“We train Muay Thai striking twice a week for usually an hour each time. Most competing upped this to two hours, with strength and conditioni­ng becoming compulsory for an hour each week as well.

“Mark is also doing cardio conditioni­ng training at least once a week.”

Mark entered Division 2 Colts and Saraid entered Girls Division 2, with Mark fighting and winning against a Shinkyokus­hin fighter from Napier and a Kyokushin fighter fromWIKKA Kyokushin Karate in Hastings.

Saraid fought and won her first round against a Kyokushin fighter from WIKKA Kyokushin Karate in Hastings and fought and lost to the division winner from Shinkyokus­hin in Hastings.

These results won Mark a gold and Saraid a bronze in their divisions.

David describes the competitio­n as very tough.

“Many of the fighters are New Zealand and/or Australian champions, South Pacific representa­tives and many with world tournament experience. Across the tournament it was mostly bumps and bruises, but in our team David got a slight crack in his patella and Brayden broke his thumb. ”

He says full contact fighting is exciting but scary.

“We grow a lot from conquering our fears. All our participan­ts pushed past any fear and competed to a very high standard.

‘‘Everyone was full of smiles and we were all very proud of each other after the event.”

David believes anyone who fights deserves respect for doing so. “It's a neat feeling to be a part of a team like ours at a big event like this, everyone really gets behind each other. We step onto the mats to compete alone, but you know there's a whole massive team behind you. We all work closely together in preparatio­n for competitio­n and its a bit like a big family.”

Velocity Kickboxing has been invited to more karate competitio­ns as a result of their team's performanc­e and conduct throughout this competitio­n, David says. “That is super exciting for us. All who took part from our club are very keen to be involved in more competitio­ns like this.” He says their success in this competitio­n is inspiratio­nal.

“It inspires me. I think it lights a fire in all the coaches and potential fighters. Success breeds more success. We would love to see more Hawke's Bay youth active and creating success in their lives and working hard towards a goal.

“If you have kids or teens you're looking to get into kickboxing, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page or by text. Velocity Kickboxing is fantastic for fitness, strength, confidence, discipline and making a great group of friends.”

 ?? ?? Saraid exchanges a kick for a punchwith her opponent.
Saraid exchanges a kick for a punchwith her opponent.
 ?? ?? Mark attacks using a Muay Thai style kick.
Mark attacks using a Muay Thai style kick.

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