2018 Fleet Buy­ers Guide

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Last year we lamented that the new ve­hi­cle mar­ket had nar­rowly missed breach­ing the magic 150,000 an­nual sales fig­ure (146,753), which was still an all-time record, this year the mar­ket blew away the 150,000 bar­rier and barely missed stor­ing through 160,000 fin­ish­ing the year on 159,871 units. The growth is driven by a mix of con­sumer and busi­ness con­fi­dence plus strong growth in tourism driv­ing large num­bers of rental ve­hi­cle pur­chases to cope with de­mand. Again, fol­low­ing re­cent trends, the place of con­ven­tional car cat­e­gories in the top charts has been fur­ther di­min­ished by the seem­ingly un­stop­pable twin at­tacks by SUV’S and util­i­ties. Of the top five seg­ments only small cars made the grade in third po­si­tion (12 per­cent) and this is po­ten­tially un­der threat this year. Top seg­ment was medium SUV’S (17 per­cent) fol­lowed by 4x4 util­i­ties (14 per­cent) with Large SUV’S and Com­pact SUV’S each on 11 per­cent round­ing out the top five seg­ments. It’s not much bet­ter in the top model charts with only one pas­sen­ger cars in the top 10, which is Corolla, sit­ting at third place beaten by both Ford Ranger and Toy­ota Hilux – in fact five of the top ten mod­els are util­i­ties plus one van the Toy­ota Hi­ace even makes num­ber 10 show­ing the strength of the com­mer­cial mar­ket with three SUV’S also mak­ing it (Toy­ota RAV4, Kia Sportage and Mazda CX-5). Toy­ota still strongly leads all mar­kets (Pas­sen­ger (19 per­cent), Com­mer­cial (22 per­cent) and Over­all (20 per­cent), Mazda is sec­ond in the Pas­sen­ger seg­ment with nine per­cent, Ford comes close sec­ond in commercials at 20 per­cent and is also sec­ond over­all with 11 per­cent. For the man­u­fac­turer race (Over­all mar­ket) the Top 15 were: The only or­der changes from 2016 be­ing Nis­san slid­ing be­low Hyundai loos­ing 6th spot al­though both dropped from six per­cent to five per­cent share and Ssangyong drop­ping off to be re­placed by Audi in 15th al­though this was likely due to run-out on Rex­ton with the all new G4 ar­riv­ing right at year end. Toy­ota gained two per­cent share and Holden lost one per­cent. In the pas­sen­ger car seg­ment a few more cars get a look in be­tween the SUV on­slaught (four to be pre­cise) with the top 15 mod­els be­ing: Much more change in the or­der from 2017, whilst the top four are the same and Tuc­son slips from 5th to 9th the rest of the list re­flects the SUV growth and cars de­cline the same, with Swift drop­ping from 6th to 8th, Mazda 3 7th to 14th and Com­modore 8th to 11th. Mean­while Out­lander jumps from 13th to 5th. High­lander 14th to 6th and ASX from out­side the top 15 to 7th. Both Santa Fe and X-trail drop out whilst Tiguan gains the fi­nal 15th spot. Given the trends we wouldn’t be sur­prised if Toy­ota Corolla is the only car re­main­ing in the Top 15 at the end of this year with the rest all be­ing SUV’S. In the com­mer­cial sec­tor Ranger re­mains supreme win­ning the sales race with the same reg­u­lar­ity it seems to win awards and dom­i­nat­ing the sec­tor in the man­ner that Hilux once ruled it. The top 15 com­mer­cial mod­els were: Whilst util­i­ties have been ram­pant vans still hold six of the top 15 spots, only the Ssangyong Ac­tyon ute has dropped out re­placed by the Foton Tun­land com­ing in at num­ber 15, the gap be­tween Ranger and Hilux has nar­rowed con­sid­er­ably from around 2300 last year to 1300 this year (Ranger is down one per­cent al­though up in units whilst Hilux is up two per­cent), Colorado and Tri­ton have also gained one per­cent share each to nine per­cent and eight per­cent re­spec­tively.

Fol­low­ing from here is our an­nual Fleet Buy­ers Guide.

As with pre­vi­ous years we have had to place some lim­its on what we can in­clude so no overtly sporty cars (two doors and con­vert­ibles) and we cut off at our Ex­ec­u­tive car price point of $75,000. We have split the SUV list­ings into three sec­tions (Small, Medium and Large) to recog­nise the rise of the sec­tors im­por­tance and num­ber of mod­els and dropped the light truck sec­tion whilst com­bin­ing the cab Chas­sis van vari­ants into the van sec­tion. We have also added an EV sec­tion for EV and PHEV mod­els to re­flect the grow­ing in­ter­est in this area and the likely model pro­lif­er­a­tion this year. Whilst we en­deav­our to make sure prices are up to date (List Prices), please check with your lo­cal dealer be­fore mak­ing any fi­nal de­ci­sions.

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