In the words of Iron­man and Tony Stark, “Oh, it’s good to be back!”

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I feel I’ve come home again. Here I am in the Big Chair at Nz­com­pany Ve­hi­cle mag­a­zine af­ter a long seven years of do­ing all sorts of other stuff, and I reckon I couldn’t have come back at a more ex­cit­ing time as far as busi­ness mo­bil­ity is con­cerned. Be­fore I go much fur­ther, a big “thank you” to those who kept the Big Chair warm for me in my ab­sence: Damien O’car­roll, Mark Baker – I wish you well in your en­deav­ours, and not to for­get, the ever-de­pend­able and en­tre­pre­neur­ial Cathy Parker, who has gra­ciously wel­comed me back into the fold. Also, to the pro­fes­sion­als in the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try, many of whom still recog­nised me, de­spite the new ‘Dwayne John­son’ look I’ve re­cently adopted, so good to catch up with you all again. Lastly, my thanks to our loyal cadre of read­ers, who have re­mained staunch sup­port­ers of the mag­a­zine and its par­ent com­pany – Adrenalin Pub­lish­ing – which cel­e­brates 25 years in au­to­mo­tive pub­lish­ing this year. 25 years! Well done to Cathy again for achiev­ing this mile­stone, and here’s to an­other quar­ter cen­tury; and the ex­cite­ment it may bring! On then, to what is go­ing on as far as the mag­a­zine is con­cerned. It would be rea­son­able to ex­pect a few changes with the ap­point­ment of a new (well, pre-loved any­way) ed­i­tor, and yes, they’ll be com­ing. I’m play­ing a bit of catch-up presently; but given that my feet are neatly un­der my desk and I haven’t been called in for a keel­haul­ing (yet), I ex­pect Cathy and I will be get­ting to­gether soon to set up the mag­a­zine for the next 25 years. Yep, I plan to stay this time… Oh, and never miss a chance for a plug: ed­i­tor­ship brings with it all sorts of in­no­va­tions th­ese days, so I will draw your at­ten­tion to Nz­com­pany Ve­hi­cle’s dig­i­tal pres­ence. We’re now in the game of mak­ing movies about the cars we test, and the pow­ers-that-be think video lenses won’t shat­ter when I look at them, so I’ve be­come the dig­i­tal face of the mag­a­zine as well. You can check it out on the http://com­pa­nyve­hi­ web­site, if you wanted to put a face to the words you’ll be read­ing. Mind you, there’s quite a bit of read­ing to do, and I ex­pect this to con­tinue, given there is so much to talk about. I’ve only been back a month and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked about au­ton­o­mous cars, elec­tric ve­hi­cles, per­sonal mo­bil­ity, leas­ing to­day, fuel prices, free wind­screen cover (or lack thereof), who’s do­ing diesels and why, what’s the story with this new-fan­gled gad­get or that. There’s enough to write a mag­a­zine about it all, and… oh wait. I’ve al­ready done that! And that is a nice way to say: wel­come to this edi­tion of Nz­com­pany Ve­hi­cle, I hope you en­joy what I’ve done with the place, and yes, there’s more to come. With­out any fur­ther ado then, I in­vite you to set­tle back with a hot bev­er­age, en­joy the read, and I’ll see you ei­ther in the next edi­tion or out on the road some­where.

Sean Will­mot

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