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“Hey man! Haven’t seen you in a while. How’s the new role go­ing at work? What did you call it?”

“Hey pal, yeah, it’s been crazy! I’m what the Boss calls the DROPOF– that’s ‘’Dude run­ning our pretty old fleet.” “Whoa! Sounds like a chal­lenge?” “Yeah, if we had brand new ve­hi­cles, I’d be like, y’know, just do­ing ev­ery­thing through the dealer where we buy the cars from; but be­cause our cars are through auc­tion and what the Boss calls ‘pre-loved ve­hi­cles’ – prob­a­bly the ones you guys got rid of – I’m go­ing nuts just get­ting them all ser­viced here there and ev­ery­where. Hon­estly, hav­ing your cars scat­tered round the coun­try­side maybe great for the reps, but it’s the pits when you’re the DROPOF.” “Mate, you’re mak­ing it all too hard for your­self. Haven’t you heard of the Auto Su­per Shoppe net­work?” “What? Get tied up with a fran­chise op­er­a­tion where the ticket gets clipped at least twice?” “No man, the Auto Su­per Shoppe net­work isn’t a fran­chise. They’re a net­work of in­de­pen­dent and qual­ity fo­cused gen­eral au­to­mo­tive re­pair­ers who have been se­lected to rep­re­sent the Auto Su­per Shoppe brand. Check out the web­site on my phone. "All told, there are 90 of the mem­ber work­shops from Whangarei to In­ver­cargill – that solves your ‘all over the coun­try’ prob­lem – and you can get all your re­pairs, ser­vices and even Wofs taken care of with just one monthly ac­count for ev­ery­thing.” “That’d make life a lot eas­ier, but man, I dunno, I mean, the Boss is kind of picky when it comes to qual­ity of ser­vice and re­ally picky when it comes to price.” “Yeah; but that’s what the Auto Su­per Shoppe net­work guar­an­tees, man: con­sis­tent na­tion­wide pric­ing and dis­counted parts and labour. And you can de­vise your own ser­vice, re­pair and main­te­nance sched­ules as it suits. Per­fect for your sit­u­a­tion, mate.” “For sure! But you said dis­counted labour... what? Ev­ery­where in New Zealand?” “Yep. And Auto Su­per Shoppes part­ner up with the big boys in the busi­ness: you’ve got BNT, REPCO, Valvo­line, Cen­tury Bat­ter­ies, GT Ra­di­als, Wynns, and Hankook Tyres all sup­ply­ing the Auto Su­per Shoppes – it’s qual­ity all the way.” “That sure sounds like some­thing I need to look into, but who do I talk to?” “That’s the best part. Auto Su­per Shoppes is su­per ap­proach­able. The CEO is Kel­lie Tre­mayne, and chances are she’ll be the one help­ing set up your fleet sched­ule. If not, for sure she’ll make a point of meet­ing up with you at some stage. They’re more like a fam­ily than a busi­ness.” “OK, I’m sold. What’s the web­site again?” “It's­to­su­per­shoppes. and that’s shoppes with two ‘p’s and an ‘e’ on the end. I’ll text it to you. So now that I’ve solved your prob­lem, how about spot­ting me on some weights?” “Done bro! Beer­sies after?” “You’re on – and you’re buy­ing...”

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