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If you no­tice that you’re start­ing to get some of the back­ground — or an­noy­ing shad­ows — show­ing up in your re­sult­ing images, Croy sug­gests grab­bing a piece of card­board and po­si­tion­ing it on your phone’s light in a way that it will cut the light off — any ar­eas that you do not want il­lu­mi­nated will be left in the dark and won’t ap­pear in the fi­nal image. Take a look at Image 4, which shows you what the shot looks like when you use the card­board to cut the light off. Us­ing the card­board has re­sulted in a less busy and clean-look­ing image.

It just goes to show that, with a bit of imag­i­na­tion and some trial and er­ror (per­haps try the same process with an LED torch or a pen light), you can cre­ate se­ri­ously strik­ing images with items that can gen­er­ally be found around the house. If you experiment with this your­self, send your images through to ed­i­ — we’d love to show them off.

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