Prom­i­nent pho­tog­ra­pher of new­borns Cas­san­dra English tries out the new Ep­son EcoTank and finds it in­spires her in more ways than one

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To be hon­est, when I was sent the Ep­son EcoTank Ex­pres­sion Pre­mium ET-7750 I was fairly scep­ti­cal. I usu­ally use an Ep­son SureColour P5070: an in­cred­i­ble printer that prints the most beau­ti­ful fine-art pho­tos for my clients. Of course, such high-qual­ity prints cost more in the ink depart­ment, so I don’t of­ten use it to print out my own every­day pho­tos — only a se­lect few for dis­play­ing on the walls. My first thought was that since I al­ready have this amaz­ing printer, I don’t re­ally have use for another. Boy, was I wrong. I am your text­book ‘mum­tog­ra­pher’: I take count­less pho­tos of my chil­dren but do noth­ing with them. Print­ing my own fam­ily pho­tos and mak­ing al­bums al­ways seems to get pushed to the bot­tom of the list. Just the thought of do­ing this was daunt­ing; find­ing the time to sort through years of phone pho­tos, trans­fer­ring them onto a USB stick to take to one of those kiosks at the mall … ugh. It very quickly be­came a chore. Some­thing that should have brought me ex­cite­ment and joy in­stead left me feel­ing un­mo­ti­vated and guilty for never mak­ing the time to pre­serve

my fam­ily’s pre­cious mem­o­ries. When the printer ar­rived, my three-yearold daugh­ter, Hazel, in­stantly claimed it as her own and de­clared, “I want to print pho­tos, Mummy.” Her en­thu­si­asm fi­nally ig­nited my own, and, with the Ep­son EcoTank, we were able to start our lit­tle box of his­tory right then and there. The in­spi­ra­tion for this box lay in two dis­tinct child­hood mem­o­ries I have of printed pho­tos, and the hope that I could cre­ate sim­i­larly mov­ing ex­pe­ri­ences for my chil­dren. The first mem­ory is of ex­cite­ment; of fill­ing up my dis­pos­able cam­era and then fi­nally get­ting the prints back from the phar­macy not know­ing what was go­ing to come out. Even the mem­ory of shuf­fling through those pho­tos for the first time gives me warm fuzzies. Look­ing at them now, they are a real in­sight into how I saw the world as a child. The sec­ond mem­ory is of awe; of go­ing to my grand­par­ents’ house and care­fully ri­fling through an old wooden box filled to the brim with loose prints.

pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness. At Hazel&Cass, we take care of ev­ery­thing in-house: from print­ing the images on my Ep­son SureColour P5070 right through to the fram­ing, which my hus­band looks af­ter. Thanks to the EcoTank, I can now add print­ing our own mar­ket­ing ma­te­rial to my reper­toire! I first re­al­ized this ca­pa­bil­ity the night be­fore I was set to ex­hibit at a re­cent baby mar­ket. As usual, I had waited un­til the last pos­si­ble mo­ment to de­cide that I wanted to make a few ed­its to my price lists and pro­mo­tional ma­te­rial (typ­i­cal cre­ative, I know). My ini­tial thought was to sim­ply take email ad­dresses on the day and send out dig­i­tal price lists later that night. This was ob­vi­ously not ideal, as see­ing the work and read­ing the in­for­ma­tion on pa­per makes for a far bet­ter client ex­pe­ri­ence than squint­ing at tiny font on a phone screen. It was then that I re­mem­bered my new lit­tle printer, hum­ming ex­pec­tantly in the cor­ner of my of­fice, just beg­ging to be put to the test. Step­ping out of my glossy lit­tle 6x4 com­fort zone, I loaded up some dou­ble-sided 178gsm matt pa­per. The EcoTank blew me away, han­dling a print run of 30 price lists per­fectly and at a frac­tion of the cost of an ex­ter­nal print­ing ser­vice — again us­ing barely any ink. The bor­der­less func­tion was flaw­less, pro­vid­ing a pro­fes­sional fin­ish straight out of the printer — no more trim­ming off ugly white bor­ders! With this lit­tle printer on hand, I can now do small, up-to-date print runs when­ever I need them, even at the eleventh hour. I’ve started hav­ing some real fun with the EcoTank, ex­per­i­ment­ing with a few dif­fer­ent ideas and find­ing out just how much this sur­pris­ingly mighty ma­chine can do for me. So far, I’ve de­signed and printed some baby an­nounce­ment cards, a per­son­al­ized in­for­ma­tion pack for clients to re­ceive along with their mat­ted prints and frames, and an A3 sign — yes, it prints A3; how amaz­ing is that?! The abil­ity to print on de­mand al­lows me to per­son­al­ize el­e­ments for each client on thick, high-qual­ity pa­per and cre­ates a truly pol­ished and pro­fes­sional feel. While I will con­tinue to use the SureColour for my client’s fin­eart mat­ted prints and frames, the EcoTank has proven it­self to be use­ful in more ways than I ex­pected. This mighty lit­tle printer has be­come an in­valu­able ad­di­tion, not only for my busi­ness, but also for pre­serv­ing my fam­ily’s mem­o­ries.

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