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@VeronicaMc­L.photograph­y Making the best of the conditions you have is an essential skill for photograph­ers,

doubly so for those who like to shoot live music in dimly lit bars. Auckland photograph­er Veronica McLaughlin shot this image of musician Delaney Davidson,

lit only by a single red stage light, at Auckland’s Wine Cellar bar. “I knew before I sat down to process what these photos would look like — and I have

to say they turned out technicall­y as expected,” she says. “But what one can never plan for is the magic of the moment, which Delaney delivered when he picked up his bundle of white sage and blew on it. The club grew eerily quiet as everyone present

was rapt.” This image won the 2021 Aotearoa Music Photograph­y Award, in associatio­n with

the Auckland Festival of Photograph­y and Auckland UNESCO City of Music

CANON 5D MARK IV, 70MM, 1/250S, F/2.8, ISO 6400

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