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@virginiama­uagency Getting in front of the camera is some photograph­ers’ worst nightmare. Doing so with this much vulnerabil­ity is another level

entirely. But for photograph­er Virginia Mau, this self-portrait represents work to embrace her body, be comfortabl­e in her skin,

and pursue authentici­ty. “Growing up as a woman, a woman of ethnic descent, but also a woman who was not afraid or ashamed to speak my mind and

be confident in my sexuality, I have experience­d misconcept­ion and commodific­ation based on my looks. These works represent a reclamatio­n of my own body, and the image of that body.” The image is one of three that comprise the photograph­er’s My Body. My Temple. Series, which was recently shown as part of the Beyond Femininity group exhibition at Auckland’s

Northart gallery.

NIKON D5100, 26MM, 1/30S, F/4.2, ISO 1800

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