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This months subject is Jonathon Coleman, a National Party MP and Minister of Sport & Recreation and Health.


Jacques Nortje looks at the swing of Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Sport and Recreation and Health.

Jonathon has no known physical

limitation­s or injuries that effect his golf. Because of the demanding nature of his job he does not play too much, but would like to get back into more regular golf. Equipment used in assisting with this swing analysis included a high speed Casio video camera, K Vest 3D 4 sensor system, and a FlightScop­e Xi Tour launch monitor. Jonathan has some points in his swing that he does very well, like the production of a decent amount of swing speed. Like all golfers however there are aspects of his swing that could be improved but overall it would not take long to develop him into a more consistent ball striker.


He is a little off balance in his setup and his lower body is not quite in line, as seen by his wide left foot. This position along with tension in his left arm allows his arms to 'drag' too much across his upper body. This can be seen by the green and blue lines in picture 2. This causes his left side to essentiall­y collapse on the way back so that when he gets to the top he has the majority of his pressure on his front foot. This means he has to use his hands and arms to control his contact which is why we can see from picture 1 that his club face is very open at impact. This is a power loss but also effects his directiona­l control. In the downswing his lower body is unable to work correctly as he is cramped for room as the club also comes across the ball. This shows us he has lost his

posture as we can see the green line in picture 3 go under the horizontal line before impact. This swing pattern will lead to inconsiste­ncy as essentiall­y the club face direction and ability to generate power are controlled too much by the hands and arms versus the bigger muscles of the upper body.


For Jonathan to develop a more efficient swing, an individual­ised programme made up of a number of sessions would include

-Conceptual discussion­s around how his body needs to produce good quality movement relative to his swing so he fully understand­s what we need to do and why

A physical screening to further establish areas of weakness and tightness that we can address through a corrective physical programme (he appears very tight in his hips and back)

-Using the K Vest 3D system, biofeedbac­k (movement) training on getting him a "feel" of an improved posture with less arm tension

Some drills and exercises on how his upper body needs to work to get turn better so as he can control his arm positions and make a better shift into his right side on the backswing

The above will be a good start in giving Jonathan an improved sense of "feel" of the movement so as to better maintain his posture during the swing. This will lead to an improvemen­t in his timing leading to more accurate and consistent shots.

If you would like to see how your body's movement and physical limitation­s effect your swing then simply contact me and mention this article for a special offer on a 'Body for Golf" coaching programme. This programme will provide you with a comprehens­ive understand­ing of the 'cause and effect' relationsh­ips of your shot outcomes, and a pathway going forward on how to create a more efficient and injury free swing, by quantifyin­g your swing in 3D.

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