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Flashback 15 years

New Zealand's Craig Perks


made history of his own when he won The Player Championsh­ip in 2002. In the final pairing, he played the final three holes in only nine shots, three under par, with only one putt. Perks chipped in for eagle, sank a 25-foot birdie putt on the Island Green, then chipped in for par to win by two strokes. It remains the best finish in Players history to win the title. The analyst for The Golf Channel reflects on some of his favourite memories from that victory at Sawgrass.

“I will admit that during the week of the event in 2002 everything was a blur, out of focus similar to the dreams I had on the range as a young lad in New Zealand. But, upon my return the successive years, and wandering around the entire facility with my eyes wide open, the memories are vivid, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, certain shots, comments made by Officials, Players and the media all seemed so real, lifelike, like they happened yesterday. Although it was my crowning achievemen­t in my career, I'm not sure if I ever truly appreciate­d what I actually accomplish­ed that magical week in March of 2002. With all that being said, my fondest memory is and will always be hugging my wife Maureen behind the 18th green, so tight I nearly broke a couple of her ribs, and proclaimin­g are you ready to go to Augusta? The Masters?”

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