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Lydia Ko & Her Caddies

In recent weeks, I have been surprised by the level of commentary in the public and other domains around the decision from Lydia Ko to change her caddy. Most of what I have read or heard seems to question the decision and suggest that something is wrong w


Iguess that’s the territory that comes with being the number one player in the world. High-profile athletes are constantly in the public eye and everyone seems to have an opinion on every matter.

This is all very common of course however what has surprised me most about the recent commentary is the uninformed and inaccurate summations that the team around Lydia is making poor decisions. The suggestion that decisions are being made by Lydia’s team to the determinan­t of Lydia’s golf is absurd.

Most people making these statements seem to be forgetting that Lydia remains the world’s number one golfer – a feat never before achieved by any other New Zealander let alone a 19 year old. People also seem to forget that in the past year, Lydia has won an Olympic silver medal, a major championsh­ip plus three other LPGA tour victories – an incredible year that in isolation would probably be considered the most successful year ever for a New Zealand Golfer.

Golf is a game of honesty, integrity and respect however many folk including many in the media have been very quick show a lack of respect for Lydia, her team and in particular, her family.

Having been very close to Lydia and her family over the last eight years, my informed opinion is that the Ko family are the very reason for her ascent to the top of the world game rather than any hindrance to it. They are among the most profession­al, dedicated and knowledgea­ble people I know and from what I know and from what I have seen, Lydia and her family are firmly in control of their destiny.

Lydia is laser focused on being the best golfer in the world and the suggestion that she and her family would make decisions that would compromise her ambition or performanc­e is just out of touch with reality.

In my opinion, whether the world number one athlete wishes to hit a different golf ball, wear different clothing or work with a new caddy shouldn’t be second guessed or criticised so quickly.

Through outstandin­g performanc­es over many years, I think Lydia and her family have earnt the right to make decisions that are respected. Not many people could say that the decisions made to date have not had the right outcome. So far, her career has featured a jaw dropping number of world firsts and unparallel­ed success.

Team Ko must be doing something right.

 ??  ?? Lydia Ko chats with her caddie Gary Matthews.
Lydia Ko chats with her caddie Gary Matthews.

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