Poor align­ment is a sure way to miss fair­ways and greens.

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Shel­ley Dun­can helps with cor­rect align­ment to find the cen­tre of the fair­way.

Even though golfers gen­er­ally

re­alise the im­por­tance of lin­ing them­selves up cor­rectly I still see many peo­ple with align­ment is­sues. En­sur­ing you have proper align­ment on the course is com­mon sense but many club golfers for­get to check it. Fol­low these tips to help align cor­rectly.


The club­face should be aimed at the tar­get which is the stick on the right and the stick on the left is your feet, hips and shoul­ders which should be aimed to the left of the tar­get but par­al­lel to the tar­get. When you align your­self to the tar­get al­ways aim the club­face first and then your feet, hips, and shoul­ders.


The com­mon fault that I see es­pe­cially when giv­ing a playing les­son is the player will aim their body first at the tar­get then put the club­head in be­hind the ball also aimed at the tar­get.

If you look at the photo on the next page your body now is aimed to the right of the tar­get and the player will have to swing the club to the left on the down­swing to try and find the mid­dle of the fair­way. In do­ing this you may find that you de­velop a slice or a pull to the left. This is be­cause the club­head is swing­ing from the out­side of the ball and across it.

If you don't pull the club back to the left on the down­swing the ball will fly in the di­rec­tion that you are aimed, you will miss the fair­way to the right.

If you aim cor­rectly you don't need to ma­nip­u­late your swing. En­joy!


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