In this se­ries on full shot tech­nique we now come to the very last part of the swing, a full and bal­anced fin­ish.

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Bob McDon­ald ends his six part se­ries on the golf swing.

It has been said has been said that

it doesn't mat­ter where you fin­ish but I have to dis­agree.

The pur­pose of a well-bal­anced cor­rect fin­ish al­lows us to eval­u­ate the qual­ity of the swing and thus the shot and to eval­u­ate what went on be­fore.

From the pre­vi­ous les­son #5, im­pact and early re­lease, con­tinue the un­wind un­til:

• The belt buckle faces the tar­get (or slightly past) and you are stand­ing tall with your eyes fac­ing the tar­get.

• You are fully bal­anced on your left Leg. Head should be ‘on top of' your left shoe and 99% of your weight on left foot.

• Knees should be touch­ing and just the toe tip of your right foot is touch­ing the ground. From down the line view we can see the spikes of right foot.


Sum­mary Build­ing blocks, re­view back­wards.

• You will have a great fin­ish ‘Les­son 6' if you were in the cor­rect po­si­tion in les­son 5 - im­pact and early fol­low through.

• You will be cor­rect at 5, if you were cor­rect in les­son 4 - start of the down stroke.

• You will learn to be cor­rect at 4 if you were cor­rect at les­son 3 - top of the back­swing.

• You will be cor­rect at 3 if you were cor­rect at les­son 2 - start of the swing and you will be able to be cor­rect at les­son 2 it you were cor­rect at les­son 1 the Set Up. So as you can see each les­son builds upon the pre­vi­ous les­son with the re­sult that your swing is a chain re­ac­tion.



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