Golf can be such a men­tal game! The urge to ‘hit’ the ball can be hugely detri­men­tal to your swing.

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James Lough­nane on what to ‘feel' through your swing.

The ‘hit’ urge trig­gers a se­quence of events as you tran­si­tion from back­swing to down­swing – none of which are very pretty! Slic­ing, lack of dis­tance and in­con­sis­tency are hall marks of the ‘hit' urge. Pow­er­ful golf shots start from the ground up – not the top down.

Hav­ing shown you what you need to do to hit great shots – lets get you to do this.

Start your down­swing by ex­ert­ing pres­sure into the ground with the ball of your left foot. A great im­age is to imag­ine that you have a soft drink can un­der your left foot. Squash the can to start the down­swing! Start by mak­ing some prac­tice swings with this men­tal im­age and then grad­u­ate to hit­ting a few shots. Your shots will soon take on a very dif­fer­ent feel and chances are you will soon see the back of any nasty slices.

01 01-02: As we tran­si­tion from the back­swing to the down­swing, the hips move lat­er­ally to­wards the tar­get. Pres­sure is ex­erted by the left foot into the ground.


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