When I look at this shot I think about what I want to try and achieve when I play it.

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Mar­cus Wheel­house gives an in­sight to this use­ful shot.

Sim­plic­ity is the key com­po­nent

to a great re­peat­able short game. As a golfer you must have to un­der­stand the shot you want to play first.

The shot that we are talk­ing about to­day in­volves you to trans­form a nor­mal chip­ping ac­tion into a more ef­fi­cient ac­tion that can save you shot af­ter shot.

When I look at these two set up po­si­tions I ask: what do they en­cour­age?

One cre­ates a ro­ta­tional ac­tion and one sets you up for a pen­du­lum type ac­tion.

What do I want to achieve with this shot?

• Solid strike

• Tra­jec­tory to be con­sis­tent

• Con­sis­tent spin

With these 3 com­po­nents vi­tal in all chip-shots; be­ing closer and hav­ing the shaft much more ver­ti­cal at setup is cru­cial. The bump and run is a chip shot that will give the player a lower than nor­mal tra­jec­tory and will roll for a high per­cent­age of the shot.

I like to play this shot when.

• I have a pin that presents a lot of green and not much fringe or rough be­tween my­self and the pin

• the ball is ly­ing in a very tight lie (No Grass)

• I have a firm fringe and/or a se­vere slope to ne­go­ti­ate. Among oth­ers.

What do I fo­cus on when I hit this shot?

What I see with most play­ers is that they have a nor­mal set up po­si­tion with their hands lower and the weight bal­anced on both left and right feet, and heel and toes.

What I like to fo­cus on is hav­ing 70% of my weight on the left side and more weight on my toes and be­ing very con­nected with my up­per arms on my up­per torso. Be­ing so close cre­ates my wrists to be bowed up or in ul­nar de­vi­a­tion to be pre­cise.

I want to keep my legs very pas­sive and try and ini­ti­ate my power of the shot from the up­per half.

I am still go­ing to have some hip ro­ta­tion in this shot be­cause I don't want to be wooden. One of the most im­por­tant com­po­nents that this set up brings is the abil­ity for the club to work up and down the tar­get line and not ro­tate around the body which causes in­con­sis­tency in strike, flight and di­rec­tion and spin.

Just no­tice the dif­fer­ence in where the club is rel­a­tive to the tar­get line.. with a more ver­ti­cal club through­out this shot can re­sem­ble the feels of hit­ting a putt. But the fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ence is you will see I turn all my body through this shot whilst my wrists don't move at all!

The feel­ing with all chip shots is that we cre­ate a se­quence that has less arm pres­sure and more of a team work feel through the shot.

If you want to do more chip­ping work email me or go to my web­site, www.mar­cuswheel­ and book in for one of my chip­ping hours.






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