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An­other im­age i pro­vide for my clients is the idea of the body be­ing three boxes stacked up on top of each other. With the bot­tom box rep­re­sent­ing the knees and be­low. The mid­dle box be­ing the pelvis. And the fi­nal top box be­ing the up­per tho­racic, i.e. the rib cage and shoul­ders.

As this illustration would in­di­cate the top box ro­tates around the axis the great­est, as well as ini­ti­at­ing the ro­ta­tion. Which in turn leads to the pelvis then ro­tat­ing and then fi­nally the knees are then pulled back and around. With each of the 3 seg­ments ro­tat­ing less than the pre­vi­ous com­po­nent. Hence we wind up from the top box coil­ing down through to the bot­tom box. Be­fore un­wind­ing in a re­verse or­der dur­ing the for­ward swing. Which we will cover in next month's ar­ti­cle. Top Box: Up­per tho­racic. Mid­dle Box: Pelvis. Bot­tom Box: Kness and be­low.

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