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Grab a glove or a tee and put this un­der your tri­ceps mus­cle of the arm you’re are putting with so that you have some con­nec­tion with your up­per arm and chest. This en­cour­ages you to start or con­tinue to work your shoul­ders within your prac­tice.

I like start­ing from around 1.5 me­ters. This gives you enough swing but will not get to out of con­trol in the early stages of you get­ting the cor­rect feed­back.

Hit 10-20 putts with cer­tain grips see­ing which feels the least mov­ing parts in the wrist joint. Which is the eas­i­est? Which po­si­tion al­lows your shoul­ders to pen­du­lum?

Now swap hands and do the same line of ques­tion­ing!

I would do this twice with both hands just go­ing back and forth see­ing how true strike of the put­ter. This also helps build con­trol and the mus­cles and ten­dons in your arms will fa­tigue so once that has hap­pened its time to have a break. But don’t just do this once. Keep read­dress­ing it over a two week pe­riod. You will be amazed how much con­trol you get.

Fin­ish each ses­sion go­ing back to some longer putts and do­ing this with both hands. This is the part where you try and see which hand is bet­ter at dom­i­nat­ing. Each player will ex­pe­ri­ence dif­fer­ent feels and will have to trou­bleshoot their way through to a so­lu­tion that they can lock in and stick with.

One of the big­gest mis­takes I see is peo­ple not let­ting things bed in enough. It takes time for the body to bed a habit so pa­tience is the key!

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