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You can see from this photo the shoul­der turn is very flat or level which is an­other good way to de­scribe it. When this hap­pens the play­ers first move on the down swing is to bring the club back to the ball with the club com­ing down too steeply and of­ten from the out­side of the ball which cre­ates ei­ther a slice or a pulled shot. The other shot that can of­ten come from too much weight in the heels at ad­dress is a shank, be­cause on the down swing you will move the weight to the balls of your feet which will move your body closer to the ball at im­pact catch­ing the hosel of the club at im­pact caus­ing the shank. This must be the most un­pleas­ant shot in golf and if you start hit­ting this shot then please go and get some pro­fes­sional help as soon as pos­si­ble. I have seen play­ers al­most give up the game be­cause of the shanks.


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