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The ‘Flat Shoul­der Plane’ oc­curs dur­ing the golfer’s backswing. It de­scribes the plane of the shoul­der as they get to the top of the swing. An ef­fi­cient backswing will see the shoul­ders ro­tate around the spine and hence the shoul­der plane at the top of the swing should see the trial shoul­der be slightly higher than the lead shoul­der (pic 1). Whereas in a flat shoul­der plane both shoul­ders are al­most in line and par­al­lel to the ground (pic 2). As you can see with our model, the plane of his swing has changed dra­mat­i­cally, and he will have to make body and hand ad­just­ments in or­der to get a good con­tact. Hence a flat shoul­der plane has ma­jor im­pact on con­sis­tency and power.

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