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How good has it been, waking up on the weekends lately and being able to watch live golf from tours in the US and Europe. Whether it’s the women or the men, there’s something quite refreshing and reaffirmin­g to see the best of our sport pushing through the Covid-19 restrictio­ns and giving us the sport we adore.

So it was with sadness and a little reality check when we heard the news late last month that the New Zealand Open would have to be cancelled for the first time since war time. And it’s not without huge efforts from the Open team who have been working on contingenc­y plans for months to find a way through the mess of closed borders and cancelled tours.

Everyone had a theory as to how it could be done or what could the Government do to help them out, or maybe waiting a few more weeks, but in the end they had to make a call for the sake of the event long term.

It’s a massive hole in the sport’s programmin­g and also devastatin­g for the local Queenstown economy who just seem to have had one thing after another to deal with this year.

Its also a shame for our local golfers who prime themselves every year to first make the event and secondly try and win it. For all of us who love that week of the year when internatio­nal golf comes to Aotearoa Summer this year truly wont be the same.

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