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We are continuall­y surprised and amazed at how the game of golf permeates every part of our life.

Yes, of course, it’s there on the weekend when you go out for your weekly competitio­n round, or it’s there when you catch up with your mates for your midweek hit, or it’s even there on those early mornings when you can’t sleep and the remote just instantly tunes to the golf channel for your latest scores.

But it is in those unexpected places, it’s that unspoken secret language, that bond you have with someone, the moment you mention the word golf, or intimate you’re a golfer.

It’s your kids’ teacher when they find out that you play at their local club, or the business meeting that always begins with how hard it is to find a tee time or that random person you get stuck next to at the Christmas party, whom you have absolutely nothing in common with, finds out you play golf and suddenly you’re best mates.

And it doesn’t matter what standard you are at or how bad your putting is that week, in fact, the more you talk about how bad your game is, that’s the moment the bond grows stronger.

So as we come to the end of this year, our pandemic year, the first one of these for most of us, think back to how much golf has meant to you this year, what it has done for your mental and physical health...or not, and remember the next person you meet may not be carrying a set of golf clubs but the likelihood is that they play golf and it has got them through this year as well.

Have a safe and happy Christmas period and enjoy your time with family, friends and the odd game of golf or two.

NZ Golf Magazine Team

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