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This month we go one on one for 18 with Switzerlan­d based Kiwi Pro Shaun Jones.

He finished tied for 5th in the 2017 NZ PGA Championsh­ips and has played in a couple of NZ Open championsh­ips, but for the past five years this Kiwi has made Switzerlan­d his home where he currently plies his trade on the AlpsTour.

Its currently the winter break now in Europe and after playing the AlpsTour Q School where he gained a category 8 for next season he hopes to play on the AlpsTour, Clutch Tour in the UK and the SwissPro Series in Switzerlan­d covid-19 permitting.

His big goal for 2021 is to secure his European Tour Card at Qschool and in the meantime while playing some of the most picturesqu­e courses in Europe, he has set up his own Youtube channel to educate and entertain, as well as working on his body and his swing so he can get stronger and hit longer to catch Bryson DeChambeau.

This edition we do A Quick Round with Shaun Jones.

1How old were you when you started playing golf and who got you started?

Around about 3 years old was the time I swung a club but really got into golf at 14 years old. My Dad got me into golf (he is a good player).

2Where did you start playing golf?

McLeans Island Golf Club in Christchur­ch NZ

3What is the lowest handicap you have ever played off?

Around about +3.0.

4What is your lowest round score and where were you playing?

Four times 8 under par. Two times at Templeton Golf club NZ on the same day. 36 hole canterbury match play qualifying. 8 under in the morning and followed it up with 8 under in the afternoon. 8under par 2nd round of the 2017 NZPGA at Manawatu Golf Club NZ.

8under par at my course here in Switzerlan­d Moossee Golf Club

5How many ‘hole-in-one’s’ have you had? 4 but none as a pro. I’m overdue.

6How far do you hit your 7-iron?

Carrys 165m.

7What is the best part of your game?

Short game. I can get up and down from a rubbish bin.

8What is your biggest fear on the golf course?

Shanks. Easy to get, hard to get rid of.

9What is your biggest frustratio­n (pet peeve) when playing golf?

For me, it is players not raking the bunkers. Always got taught look after the course and the course looks after you.

10What do you most love about playing golf?

The places I get to go and the people I get to meet.

11What is your most memorable moment in golf?

Has to be playing the NZ Open two years in row. Best 2 weeks of my life so far.

12What is your favourite golf course?

This was a hard question for me. I have so many favourites. Only one, I would have to say The Dukes Golf Course in St Andrews.

13Who is the most famous person or best golfer you have played with?

Most famous person. The big man himself and my teammate in the Nz Open 2017 Tom Walsh the shot put king.

14If you could pick any three people, alive or dead, to play in a four-ball with, who would they be? And do you have any particular reason for your choices?

Tiger Woods – because he is the GOAT. One of my idols.

Dan Carter – not sure if he plays, I’m a big rugby fan.

My Father – because he got me into this great game and still helps me out a lot.

15Who would you get the most satisfacti­on out of beating on the golf course and why?

For its not one person, its everyone and anyone. Winning a golf tournament at any level any where in the world is the best feeling.

16What is your favourite golf destinatio­n?

After New Zealand – we are very lucky with what we have in NZ. I would have to say, St Andrews, Scotland. Also, my time in Egypt playing has been amazing too. 17What would your “Champions Dinner” menu look like?

Cheese and crackers with wine, Butter

Chicken, Apple crumble with Ice Cream and lots of beers.

18What is your favourite thing to do away from the golf course?

I do love a Pint and a game of pool with the boys at the pub. Also, I love the gym and spending time with my wife on a beach

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 ??  ?? Visit Shaun’s Youtube - Jonesy Golf
Visit Shaun’s Youtube - Jonesy Golf

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