Isuzu on top in light truck mar­ket


ISUZU’S N-SE­RIES LED LIGHT-DUTY TRUCK REG­IS­TRA­TIONS IN Au­gust, a month in which only four mod­els achieved sales. Among them, they amassed a to­tal of 131 sales for the month. The N-se­ries was on top for the sec­ond month run­ning, with 61 reg­is­tra­tions.

In sec­ond place was the Fuso Can­ter range which had dom­i­nated sales in the first six months of 2017. Fuso New Zealand racked up 42 Can­ter sales in Au­gust. The Can­ter is LCV Magazine’s 2017 Light Truck of the Year.

Hino’s 300 took third spot with 26 reg­is­tra­tions. The only other truck range to make the Au­gust sales chart was the medium-duty Fuso Fighter with two light-duty ver­sions reg­is­tered.

Year-to-date (YTD) to Au­gust 31, the Can­ter led the sales race with 372 reg­is­tra­tions. Can­ter sales surged dur­ing the early months of the year af­ter Fuso NZ took over dis­tri­bu­tion of the Ja­panese brand’s trucks from Mit­subishi New Zealand.

The N-se­ries was in sec­ond place with 316 reg­is­tra­tions, fol­lowed by the Hino 300 on 157.

Hyundai’s new Mighty truck range was in fourth place YTD, with 15 reg­is­tra­tions. The new Korean load-hauler de­buted at the 2016 na­tional Fiel­d­ays and was launched on to the New Zealand mar­ket at this year’s THE trans­port in­dus­try expo at Mys­tery Creek.

It re­placed the lack-lus­tre HD60 and HD75 trucks in Hyundai NZ’S com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle line-up.

The HD75, in fact, was NZ’S fifth best-sell­ing light truck in the first eight months of 2017, as Hyundai NZ cleared the decks, sell­ing off old stock at give­away prices in prepa­ra­tion for the ar­rival of the Mighty.

Six were reg­is­tered in the first few months of the year, a to­tal equalled by the Fuso Fighter.

In sev­enth place was the re-launched Fo­ton Au­mark with two reg­is­tra­tions. Fo­ton New Zealand now dis­trib­utes the light-duty Chi­nese truck and has been re­fin­ing the model line-up and spec­i­fi­ca­tion.

The only other light-duty truck reg­is­tered to Au­gust 31 was a Chi­ne­se­built Jac, one of the last-re­main­ing ex­am­ples of the brand fol­low­ing its lo­cal mar­ket sales fail­ure.

A to­tal of 865 light-duty trucks was reg­is­tered in the first eight months of the year.

Stylish Hino 300 has fea­tures like sta­bil­ity con­trol and a re­vers­ing cam­era.

Right: Isuzu N-se­ries was back on top of the light-duty truck sec­tor in Au­gust. Top: Fuso Can­ter led the seg­ment year-to-date. Above: Hyundai Mighty is the new kid on the light-duty block.

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