Deep vein throm­bo­sis

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Deep vein throm­bo­sis (DVT) is a blood clot that usu­ally oc­curs in a deep vein in the leg, and may lead to a po­ten­tially fa­tal pul­monary em­bolism (PE), if a piece of the clot breaks off and trav­els to the lungs. When DVT and PE oc­cur to­gether, they’re known as ve­nous throm­boem­bolism (VTE). DVT warn­ing signs in­clude:

■ Pain, swelling and ten­der­ness in one leg (usu­ally calf).

■ Heavy ache in the af­fected area.

■ Warm skin in the area of the clot.

■ Red­dish dis­coloura­tion or streaks, par­tic­u­larly at the back of the leg be­low the knee.

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