Puz­zle No 1487

New Zealand Listener - - BOOKS & CULTURE - by Alan Shuker

Clues across

6. What is a group of states or coun­tries ruled by an em­peror? (6) 7. Which cover of an Ital­ian love song was a huge 1982 hit for Laura Brani­gan? (6) 10. Ed­ward Gib­bon Wake­field was sen­tenced to three years in which prison? (7) 11. What is an area of marshy wet­land? (5) 12. The Ro­man city of Eb­o­racum evolved into which city in northern Eng­land? (4) 13. What colour is com­mon to the flags of Brazil, Italy and Bangladesh? (5) 16/17. Which Amer­i­can ac­tor, singer, dancer, co­me­dian played lead in the 1952 film Hans Chris­tian An­der­sen? (5,4) 20. What is the world’s small­est is­land coun­try? (5) 21. What is Earth’s high­est moun­tain above sea level? (7) 22. What sea lies be­tween Greece and Turkey? (6) 23. If in­haled, what gas tem­po­rar­ily changes the tim­bre of the voice? (6)

Clues down

1. A re­cent grand jury in­ves­ti­ga­tion in which US state found more than 1000 chil­dren had been sex­u­ally abused by more than 300 named Catholic priests over 70 years? (12) 2. What is soft­ware that is in­stalled in a com­puter with­out the user’s knowl­edge and trans­mits in­for­ma­tion? (7) 3/4.Which boom­ing-voiced ac­tor said his role of King Richard IV in the first se­ries of Blackadder is one of his most cher­ished? (5,7) 5. What is a three-note chord con­sist­ing of a note and the third and fifth above it? (5) 8. Which op­er­a­tion was first recorded suc­cess­fully per­formed on a boy in Lon­don in 1735? (12) 9. Which dou­ble-bar­rel pocket pis­tol was pop­u­lar with women in the 19th cen­tury? (9) 14. What was a mem­ber of the hered­i­tary war­rior class in feu­dal Ja­pan? (7) 15. Which town in Ger­many is best known for the tale of the Pied Piper? (7) 18. What is a light col­lapsi­ble pushchair for a child? (5) 19. Rome was built on how many hills? (5)

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