New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by David Bird

North’s fourth-suit 2C was forc­ing to game and South’s 4C was a splin­ter bid. How would you play 6S when West leads the queen of clubs? You should win with the club ace and play the seven of trumps (un­block­ing a mid­dle card) to your ace. When the queen ap­pears from West, you lead the spade three to dummy’s 10. West shows out and East wins with the jack. East’s jack of hearts re­turn is cov­ered by the queen, king and ace. You cash dummy’s two di­a­mond hon­ours, ev­ery­one fol­low­ing, and throw your heart loser on the club king. You have 8-4 of trumps in dummy and K-6 in your hand. If you lead the 4, a skil­ful East will insert the 9, lock­ing you in dummy and beat­ing the con­tract. In­stead, you lead dummy’s 8. You can then draw trumps, end­ing in the South hand, and claim the con­tract. (If the 2 and the 5 ap­pear on the first round of trumps, play the king and queen of di­a­monds next. You may then be able to over­come a 4-1 di­a­mond break.) At Love All, part­ner opens 3D. What will you say on the West cards? (An­swer on page 60.)

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