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The Brown’s farm kept Jerseys with each cow av­er­ag­ing 3500 litres per year, the Phillips’ farm kept Guernseys av­er­ag­ing 3600 litres per year, the Thorns kept Friesians av­er­ag­ing 5300 litres per year and the Walk­ers kept Ayr­shires av­er­ag­ing 4200 litres per year. Scatterword: FLAT­U­LENT, flat­ten, fallen, fat­ten, la­tent, lat­ten, ta­lent, lu­nate, at­tune, flaunt, flu­ent, nut­let, leant, ul­nae, nulla, taunt, elan, lane, lean, ante, etna, neat, flan, faun, ulna, aunt, tuan, tuna, lent, lune, nett, tent, tune, null. 34 words. Permutate: DAIRY, TRIAD, RA­TIO, PA­TIO, POSIT, SPOUT Clueless cross­word:

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