New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by Alan Shuker

Puz­zle No 1496 Clues across

6. In what game is a ring thrown over an ob­ject to win it as a prize? (6) 7. What banded mar­ble was used ex­ten­sively in build­ing the Bee­hive? (6) 10. What large braided river drains the Macken­zie Basin? (7) 11. In a Robert Louis Steven­son story, who is cap­tain of the pi­rate ship The Wal­rus? (5) 12. Which New York fa­ther and son patented many locks be­tween 1830 and 1857? (4) 13/16. Launched in a V2 rocket in 1947, what were the first an­i­mals in space? (5,5) 17. What river flows through Florence and Pisa? (4) 20. Which coun­try was the first choice of sculp­tor Frédéric-Au­guste Bartholdi for a pro­posed statue which even­tu­ally be­came the Statue of Lib­erty? (5) 21. How is artist Doménikos Theotokópou­los bet­ter known? (2,5) 22. What is the Span­ish name for Spain? (6) 23. In Woody Allen’s film Zelig, Leonard’s fa­ther on his death bed tells his son that life is a mean­ing­less night­mare of suf­fer­ing and the only ad­vice he gives him is to save what? (6)

Clues down

1. Which song from a 1973 film won Marvin Ham­lisch an Os­car and was a hit for Bar­bra Streisand? (3,3,2,4) 2. The name of which large an­i­mal was orig­i­nally an al­leged African word for “tribe of hairy women”? (7) 3. Usu­ally T-shaped, what fix­ture on a boat is for the at­tach­ment of ropes? (5) 4. Which for­merly ru­ral area of Lon­don got its name from an an­nual cel­e­bra­tion held there from 1686 to 1764? (7) 5/8. In 2013, who re­ceived his 32nd hon­orary de­gree from a Bri­tish univer­sity? (5,12) 9. Af­ter his 1964 death, which Amer­i­can coun­try singer dom­i­nated the charts in Nor­way for the rest of the decade? (3,6) 14. What is a thin coat­ing of metal de­posited on a sur­face? (7) 15. Which flow­er­ing plant was named af­ter Ger­man botanist and doc­tor Friedrich Freese? (7) 18. What wa­tery fluid ex­udes from a sore or in­flamed tis­sue? (5) 19. What hard stone is tra­di­tion­ally used for bear­ings in me­chan­i­cal lab­o­ra­tory bal­ances? (5)

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