10 Quick Ques­tions

New Zealand Listener - - LETTERS - by GABE ATKIN­SON

1. True or false? Rein­deer and cari­bou are clas­si­fied as a sin­gle species.

❑ True

❑ False

2. In which coun­try was the car maker Da­cia founded? ❑ France

❑ Ro­ma­nia

❑ Ger­many

❑ Italy

3. Which side was the vic­tor in the Span­ish civil war of 1936-39? ❑ Na­tion­al­ists ❑ Repub­li­cans

4. For what pur­pose did the an­cient Greeks in­vent spiked dog col­lars? ❑ Ag­gres­sive ap­pear­ance ❑ As­sist with hunt­ing

❑ Ex­tra grip on moun­tains ❑ Pro­tect against wolves

5. Who was known for “pin di­plo­macy” for wear­ing brooches to dis­play her opin­ions and moods? ❑ Madeleine Al­bright ❑ Eleanor Roo­sevelt

❑ Hil­lary Clin­ton

❑ Shirley Tem­ple

6. Who an­nounced on the ra­dio that the “war sit­u­a­tion has de­vel­oped not nec­es­sar­ily to [his coun­try’s] ad­van­tage”? ❑ Neville Cham­ber­lain ❑ Em­peror Hiro­hito

❑ Adolf Hitler

❑ Ben­ito Mus­solini

7. Which 80s sci-fi movie fea­tured the ad­ven­tures of a ro­bot named Johnny 5? ❑ Bat­ter­ies Not In­cluded ❑ Short Cir­cuit

❑ RoboCop

❑ Flight of the Nav­i­ga­tor

8. From what kind of or­gan­ism are loofah scrub­bing sponges made? ❑ Small shrub

❑ Gourd

❑ Sea crea­ture

❑ Dried fun­gus

9. The fic­tional town of Cas­tle Rock is a set­ting of­ten used by which writer?

❑ HP Love­craft

❑ Anne Rice

❑ Stephen King ❑ JK Rowl­ing

10. What name was given to the oc­to­pus that es­caped Napier’s Na­tional Aquarium in 2016?

❑ Inky

❑ Pinky

❑ Blinky

❑ Clyde

1. True. They are clas­si­fied as a sin­gle species, Rangifer taran­dus. They are (with some ex­cep­tions) known as cari­bou in North Amer­ica, whereas rein­deer is the Euro­pean name. 2. Ro­ma­nia. 3. Na­tion­al­ists. 4. Spiked dog col­lars were de­signed to pre­vent wolves from at­tack­ing live­stock guardian dogs at the neck. 5. Madeleine Al­bright. 6. Em­peror Hiro­hito. 7. Short Cir­cuit. 8. Loofahs are made from a kind of large gourd. 9. Stephen King. 10. Inky.

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