TVNZ’S news depart­ment has been bask­ing in im­pres­sive rat­ings in re­cent months. And Matt Mclean has been part of the re­port­ing and pre­sent­ing team for around seven years, mov­ing be­tween Close Up, Break­fast and One News. The 28-year-old shares his love of

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1 What media do you wake up to? One News Now, TVNZ’S bril­liant app (and I don’t even get paid ex­tra to say that). It’s su­per di­gestible, which I like, be­cause my at­ten­tion span is minis­cule. Oh, and my bestie Jack Tame has a show on New­stalk ZB on Satur­day morn­ings (he is pay­ing me to say that).

2 What TV shows are you watch­ing at the mo­ment? And how are you watch­ing them? One News, of course. And Pretty Lit­tle Liars. It is tech­ni­cally a show aimed at 16-year-old girls, but it has man­aged to trap a 28-year-old man in its tan­gled web and I can­not get out. Shonda Rhimes is a ge­nius, so How to Get Away with Mur­der and Scan­dal are must-sees. Oh, and I was lucky enough to watch the (as-yet unaired) pi­lot for an up-com­ing show called Quantico. Watch it when it starts. Trust me. I died. Lit­er­ally. RIP me. TVNZ On­de­mand is my best friend for watch­ing shows.

3 What mu­sic are you lis­ten­ing to at the mo­ment? And how are you lis­ten­ing to it? I’m straight up pop. Tori Kelly I adore. Sam Smith is phe­nom­e­nal. Tay­lor Swift is my re­li­gion. I’m still find­ing my feet with Spo­tify, so mostly I just do the good ol’ itunes down­load.

4 What’s your favoured so­cial media plat­form? Is it a bless­ing or a curse? Twit­ter. Sim­ple. I’ve dis­cov­ered I’m only funny if I have a 140 char­ac­ter limit. Plus one of the ac­tresses on Pretty Lit­tle Liars tweeted me the other day, so I would say it’s a le­git bless­ing.

5 What’s your favourite web­site? Buz­zfeed. Give me a ‘Which Dis­ney princess are you?’ quiz and I’m sold.

6 Where do you get your news? I still find it re­ally sat­is­fy­ing to sit down and watch our 6pm bul­letin. I’m a vis­ual learner by na­ture. But ob­vi­ously online is huge these days. I have an ar­ray of news apps on my phone to get the latest info at the touch of a but­ton. Again, I’ve gotta give props to our One News Now app. It ac­tu­ally, gen­uinely, is bril­liant.

7 What are you read­ing at the mo­ment? And how are you read­ing it? I just fin­ished Lena Dun­ham’s memoir Not That Kind of Girl. I find her in­cred­i­bly en­gag­ing and her writ­ing skills are amaz­ing. And I read it as an ac­tual book. Printed pages and ev­ery­thing. They still ex­ist. I refuse to use tech­nol­ogy to read.

8 What’s your favourite mag­a­zine? I’m not a huge con­nois­seur of mag­a­zines, but I’ll ad­mit I don’t mind a read of Who. There’s a good bal­ance of trashy celeb goss, real-life fea­tures about crazy se­rial killers and a fan­tas­tic so­duku/crossword sec­tion.

9 What’s your favourite app? Run Pee. You know when you’re sit­ting in the movies and you need to pee but you’re afraid to go in case you miss a cru­cial plot point? Yeah, Run Pee will tell you the best point in the movie to leave with­out miss­ing any­thing good, and will even give you a brief syn­op­sis of what you did miss. Game changer.

10 What’s your favourite ra­dio sta­tion and/or pod­cast? My bud­dies over at ZM are ab­so­lutely smash­ing it at the mo­ment. Such good con­tent and side-split­tingly funny. Shout out to my friends Fletch, Vaughan and Me­gan who work their asses off ev­ery day. Plus some­times they have me on their show to talk about sports, which usu­ally just winds up with me talk­ing about how cute TJ Per­e­nara is.

11 What’s your guilty media plea­sure? There is a pod­cast show called Rob Has a Pod­cast that dis­sects re­al­ity TV shows. As some­one who knows for a fact I would win The Amaz­ing Race if I was given the chance, I find a lot of (guilty) plea­sure from tun­ing in.

12 What media do you go to sleep with? Last night the dul­cet tones of Ariana Grande sung me to sleep.

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