New Zealand Marketing - - Motion Sickness - Chris Mac­don­ald , Head Of Strat­egy and Trans­for­ma­tion, Five by Five Lim­ited, Mem­ber of the MA Dig­i­tal Spe­cial In­ter­est Group com­mit­tee

Mar­keters who want to im­prove their or­gan­i­sa­tion's cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence face the chal­lenge of de­cid­ing where to start.

If you are the type of per­son who likes to muck in and get things done, there's a temp­ta­tion to grab the first thing you see and make it bet­ter. Maybe the cat­a­logues are well out of date and miss­ing prod­ucts, the email news­let­ter is bor­ing or the case study sec­tion of the web­site still says 'com­ing soon'. So many things need do­ing.

Or if you're the big pic­ture thinker, the temp­ta­tion is to start by step­ping back and build­ing a plan for the en­tire ex­pe­ri­ence across all chan­nels. So many things need to be planned out.

The ques­tion is "when you're em­bark­ing on CX trans­for­ma­tion, which ap­proach is right?"

The an­swer is nei­ther and both. The right ap­proach is a mix­ture of the two - a fo­cus on get­ting quick results that build to­wards a big­ger pic­ture ex­pe­ri­ence goal.

En­ter the three P's of CX trans­for­ma­tion projects - per­form, then pro­mote, to get per­mis­sion.

The or­der of the three P's is im­por­tant. If you try to seek per­mis­sion first, with a de­tailed busi­ness case, you're un­likely to get it. If you try to pro­mote your ideas be­fore you can show tan­gi­ble results, you won't be taken se­ri­ously, and could even be shut down.

Find some­thing you can do that's go­ing to im­pact the or­gan­i­sa­tion in a mea­sur­able way. Do it well and do it quickly. Per­form.

Show your results to the right peo­ple. Show your man­ager first to al­low them to get on board, but if you've got good results, don't be afraid to go well above them. Pro­mote.

Per­for­mance, well pro­moted, wins per­mis­sion to keep go­ing. Once you've found the leader or lead­ers who are like your results, give them a vi­sion of what you can do next and ask for their sup­port.

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