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It was the early 1900s when Richard Pearce was mak­ing one of the world’s first for­ays into aviation with his self-built mono­plane, and by 1954, that in­ven­tive na­ture had taken to the wa­ter as Wil­liam Hamil­ton de­vel­oped the world’s first pro­pel­ler-less boat. Come 1967, Burt Munro was set­ting a land speed record at Bon­neville Salt Flats and in 1998 Glenn Martin was sell­ing his jet­pack to other com­pa­nies (Martin Jet­pack is now sup­ported by China’s Kuangchi Science, and last year posted a fi­nan­cial loss).

A snapshot of those 100 years show-off New Zealand’s Num­ber 8 Wire men­tal­ity and though the mar­comms in­dus­try isn’t ex­actly set­ting speed records or reach­ing great heights in the sky, that think­ing is in­grained in it.

I love hear­ing the pride you all have in New Zealand and what its in­dus­try can of­fer the world and when speak­ing to An­drew Ber­glund, The Ware­house Group’s ECD, he said it was the likes of Soul Machines’ AI ad­vance­ments that drew him back to his home­land to work.

And look­ing across the pages of this is­sue, the idea of ‘dis­rupt or be dis­rupted’ runs through it, as Jonathan Cot­ton delves into the wild west of tech­nol­ogy to see what mar­keters are in­vest­ing in and I weigh up in-house and agency mod­els.

The in­ter­nal ca­pa­bil­i­ties or or­gan­i­sa­tions led us to this year in­clude a new cat­e­gory in the 2018 TVNZ-NZ Mar­ket­ing Awards: Best In-house Mar­ket­ing.

Like all cat­e­gories, it recog­nises that while we all have the tools avail­able, it’s the think­ing, plan­ning and ex­e­cu­tion that sep­a­rates the good from the great.

Once again, the NZ Mar­ket­ing team had the priv­i­lege of writ­ing up the win­ners’ sto­ries and see­ing in­side their mar­ket­ing de­part­ments to see what makes them tick and how their work has changed their busi­ness’ per­for­mance.

Those mar­ket­ing de­part­ments are cer­tainly far from the “colour­ing-in de­part­ment” Stephen Eng­land-hall, Tourism New Zealand CEO and our Horse’s Mouth, has heard mar­ket­ing be re­ferred to, much to his frus­tra­tion.

How­ever, if a colour­ing-in ref­er­ence is to be used, I would say mar­ket­ing de­part­ments are colour­ing out­side the lines.

Si­los are com­ing down around the mar­comms in­dus­try lead­ing to a col­li­sion of dig­i­tal, mar­ket­ing, cre­ative and de­sign.

Last month, I at­tended the Adobe Sym­po­sium – a show­case of strate­gies for bring­ing to­gether cre­ativ­ity and data to trans­form and de­liver ex­pe­ri­ences – that opened my eyes to the en­vi­ron­ment in which mar­keters are work­ing to­day. Lit­tle more than a click of a but­ton and a cam­paign can be planned, con­structed and launched, and for cre­atives, AI and VR have born new can­vases to play with.

One vir­tual world that’s be­ing tested is a gro­cery store, which had me in a head­set walk­ing around col­lect­ing food, obliv­i­ous to the peo­ple in the real world hav­ing to move out of my way. When I did bump into some­one, I dropped my milk and when my nat­u­ral in­stinct had me reach­ing over to clean up the mess, my real and vir­tual worlds col­lided and I felt slightly un­easy about it.

My key take­away was the ca­pa­bil­i­ties AI and ma­chine learn­ing have to of­fer. At a pre­sen­ta­tion about de­sign­ing dig­i­tal ex­pe­ri­ences, a ques­tion was raised about the fu­ture of cal­cu­la­tors and chat­bots.

What if in­stead of us­ing a cal­cu­la­tor, we asked a chat­bot for the an­swer?

But not just any bot, a bot of our mak­ing. If we down­load our own knowl­edge and use ma­chine learn­ing to keep that knowl­edge ex­pand­ing, our brains would be free to con­cen­trate on other things. Scary? Weird? Cool? Nec­es­sary? Re­gard­less of whether or not I will one day be plug­ging my brain into my pil­low each night and wak­ing up with a clean slate to fill, I look for­ward to the po­ten­tial of what you will be pro­duc­ing and what I will be writ­ing about in years to come.

And for now, let’s cel­e­brate the achieve­ments of to­day’s mar­keters and their part­ners.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to all the win­ners of the TVNZ-NZ Mar­ket­ing Awards win­ners for 2018.

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