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Based on the list, we asked marketers to rank the ads. What did they say?

Similarly, Trustpower and ASB vied for the top spot with just a few votes in it, but ultimately Trustpower’s emotional storytelli­ng earned it the top place for marketers, coming in as a favourite unprompted as well. For marketers, ANZ’S ‘We Do How’ replaced Westpac in the top five.

Marketers’ top 10:

1. Trustpower ‘Four Legs Good’

2. ASB ‘Ben and Amy’

3. PAK’NSAVE ‘Stickman’

4. ANZ ‘We Do How’

5. Mcdonald’s ‘New Mac Family’

6. Waka Kotahi ‘Safe Limits’

7. Sky ‘Life Needs More Sky’

8. Westpac ‘ Together Greater’

9. V Energy ‘Can You Feel It’

10. KFC General promotions.

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