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Just as we were head­ing to print, Paige com­peted in the first six star event of the year, plac­ing se­cond to World #5, Joanne Dufey. What an epic start to the year Paige, looks like you've def­i­nitely got this!

Sport is a weird and won­der­ful thing, it can lift your con­fi­dence and emo­tions so high in one mo­ment and in the next send them all crash­ing down, leav­ing you search­ing for an­swers. Through prepa­ra­tion and ex­pe­ri­ence, along with hav­ing a trust­wor­thy sup­port net­work at your side, by stick­ing to the pro­cesses that brought about suc­cess in the first place, once again suc­cess can be tasted. Taranaki’s Paige Hareb first qual­i­fied for the il­lus­tri­ous world tour as a sprightly 18 year old and af­ter six years on tour and at only 24 she was con­sid­ered a se­nior vet­eran, then in 2014 the world she knew came crum­bling down when she failed to re­qual­ify her place on the great­est stage of all. In the two years since then Paige has soul searched, and re-in­vented her­self in a bid to claim her spot back, for the past two sea­sons Paige has come ag­o­nis­ingly close and we are hon­oured to have Paige share her quest with us dur­ing the 2017 World Qual­i­fi­ca­tion sea­son. An­other year, an­other Paige: If you missed out on my last blog, late last year, it was ba­si­cally ex­plain­ing how I tried and went so hard, but again came heart­break­ingly close to one of my main goals to re-qual­ify for the WSL Women’s World Tour. Now this year I guess I have a slightly dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive and ap­proach. The say­ing “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” comes to mind. Well ac­tu­ally, the last two years of miss­ing out by only a cou­ple of spots has made me think that it might ac­tu­ally be bro­ken. Last year I surfed and trained so much that I even had a cry­ing break­down from over train­ing. Late last year and this year may have been good for me in ret­ro­spect. At the time, I was get­ting a bit wor­ried about my home town Taranaki not hav­ing a sum­mer; wind, rain and brain freeze makes it hard to get mo­ti­vated ev­ery sin­gle day so I ad­mit it, I didn’t surf any­where near as much and I was aware of my train­ing break­down this time last year, so didn’t train as much ei­ther. Like any ath­lete, you get a bit wor­ried about not do­ing enough or do­ing too much and some­times find it hard to find that per­fect bal­ance of hard work and play. I def­i­nitely was a bit wor­ried there for a while about not do­ing enough but then in the surfs that I did have, I felt re­ally good, if not surf­ing the best I’d felt in a while! Al­most like I had hit a ‘re­fresh’ and ‘froth’ but­ton. I sur­prised my­self. I had a few Mt Woodgee surf­boards stashed away in my board­room at home that are over two years old. I needed to take some back to the Mt Woodgee fac­tory on the Gold Coast so started sort­ing through them. I found a 5’5” round tail that I de­cided to try out again for some­thing dif­fer­ent to my stan­dard boards and for “fun”. Guess what? I planned to give it back then I rode it again and it’s be­come one of my favourite boards once again! It’s so dinged up, has a cou­ple of cracks that I need to fix but I rode it in my first warm-up 1000 event at Burleigh Heads in Jan­uary and the spark it had felt like a brand­new board! Help­ing me get all the way to a third-place fin­ish. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks! I’ve even started get­ting into yoga over here in Kingscliff, NSW where I base my­self with fel­low com­peti­tor and good friend Codie Klein. I’ve al­ways liked stretch­ing by my­self be­cause I can do it when and where I want and for a short time but go­ing to these yoga classes has been a good phys­i­cal and men­tal chal­lenge for me. To keep my at­ten­tion span for a whole hour fo­cus­ing on my breathe was quite a strug­gle and al­most frus­trat­ing at the start but now I’m al­most crav­ing that time, it’s still phys­i­cally and men­tally chal­leng­ing but I have also been en­joy­ing be­ing in that mo­ment for a whole hour not think­ing or wor­ry­ing about any­thing else. Don’t worry I’m not go­ing to get all spir­i­tual on you and I’ll tell you the truth that some­how I felt tighter and more sore af­ter yoga rather than the com­mon mind­set of be­ing more flex­i­ble and loose! Haha go fig­ure! Ei­ther way, if I like some­thing, I’m go­ing to do it! As I write this, there’s one more week to go un­til my first big event of the year, a 6000 in New­cas­tle, Aus­tralia. I’m cur­rently hav­ing a rest day from be­ing surfed out, done a bit of coach­ing and even got to try the Aus­tralian High Per­for­mance Cen­tre skate ramps to prac­tice airs which was pretty cool since the ‘Aussies’ have never al­lowed this lit­tle kiwi girl to go on it be­fore. They’re a lit­tle bit com­pet­i­tive! I’m feel­ing re­laxed, confident, a few nerves and ex­cite­ment to start this new Paige ball rolling and start rack­ing up points and re­sults for 2017. Best of luck to all the other Ki­wis too, come on! We’ve got this!

Mus­ings from deep within the mind and emo­tions of our most suc­cess­ful surfer ever, Paige Hareb dur­ing her quest to re-qual­ify for the Women’s World tour

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