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New Zealand Surfing - - Rising / Grom -

The ques­tion is of­ten asked and the topic de­bated, who is our great­est surfer ever? All gen­er­a­tions have their greats, and on a per­sonal level what is seen as great by one may not so by an­other. With­out any real way of com­par­a­tively match­ing these surfers of dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions up against each other, would the great­est be de­ter­mined by the surfer with the best con­test re­sults, the best in big, small, medium, or hol­low waves? The surfer who has given back to his com­mu­nity more so than an­other? Or the surfer that rode your lo­cal break bet­ter than any­one else you've ever seen. There are so many vari­ables in this ques­tion, so we here at NZ Surf­ing Mag set out sev­eral months ago, open­ing two rounds of vot­ing pro­cesses, where we sought first opin­ion from a vast range of our coun­try's surfers from the young through to old, Male and fe­male, and begin­ner surfers through to ex­pert, as well as seek­ing the opin­ions of in­dus­try ex­perts both do­mes­ti­cally and in­ter­na­tion­ally. From the first round where 84 surfers names were put for­ward, the top 20 were then named along with their ca­reer pro­files on which those who were not fa­mil­iar to some could be judged (fea­tured in the last is­sue). The sec­ond round of vot­ing per­formed over the last two months in­volved plac­ing these top 20 in or­der of merit. Each surfers top two high­est and low­est votes were tossed out to rid any strate­gic vot­ing swing­ing the re­sults and the two rounds were then com­bined and we are pleased to an­nounce NZ surf­ings GOAT is Gis­borne's Maz Quinn.

Upon hear­ing of the re­sult Maz was hum­bled. "It ob­vi­ously feels un­real to be voted that by my peers. When I was 12 I knew what I wanted to be and that was a pro surfer, but not only a pro surfer, the best one I could pos­si­bly be. I'm proud of all I've achieved and proud to come from NZ, but what puts a smile on my face is that I've shown that it is pos­si­ble to come from a tiny coun­try and mix it with the worlds best". Con­grat­u­la­tions Maz a mas­sively well de­served ac­co­lade! For a full list of re­sults, check out our web­site,­surf­in­g­

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