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Peo­ple of­ten ask me why I love In­done­sia so much, and what it re­ally means to me. What does Indo mean to me? Well, it's a place where there are min­i­mal rules com­pared with western coun­tries which makes things a hell of a lot more in­ter­est­ing and fun. Of course, it has its per­fect waves ev­ery­where, which keeps the peo­ple here who surf, su­per fit and healthy. Fit peo­ple al­ways have fit ideas, which is an­other rea­son I love Indo, just con­stantly be­ing around fit, pos­i­tive peo­ple daily and shar­ing their vibe. The cul­ture and land­scapes are also mind blow­ing, which feels so good on my eyes, just watch­ing this crazy coun­try roll by each day. The soil here is so fer­tile, due to its high vol­canic ac­tiv­ity, which makes all the food pro­duce taste so good to eat. On top of that, drink­ing nat­u­ral fil­tered spring wa­ter daily is un­beat­able. Be­ing away from the western world's con­stant neg­a­tive news on the tele­vi­sion and in the news­pa­pers, is an­other rea­son I love es­cap­ing western re­al­ity in the In­done­sian Is­lands. In re­cent years, I was lucky enough to catch up with my good friend who let me in, to live at his place in the Telo Is­lands chain, which means the world to me. Liv­ing at Telo Surf Villa, there are about 101 small is­lands with per­fect waves ev­ery­where. The place is so clean, un­touched and per­fect, the way my friend likes to keep it. I guess the place has not re­ally changed much in the last 100 years. It hasn't re­ally evolved, it just keeps on ex­ist­ing. Surf­ing one of the most per­fect right hand tubes in In­done­sia within a short walk from Telo Surf Villa or is­land hop­ping in my friend's speed boat to other waves is why I just keep on lov­ing Indo so much to­day.

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