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Compared to Cloudbreak by many, as a long peeling and barrelling left, but placed on a reef in the middle of the Pacific with no land in vicinity – absolutely magical. A world-class wave and one of the best breaks in Fiji. Frigate's is a powerful, fast and consistent hollow left. Big barrels, long rides and works at all tides! An epic and one of the most fun waves in the Pacific! Frigates will always produce a wave and is extremely consistent. Most surfers that had a few sessions at Frigates will come back to Fiji to surf Frigates again and again. In bigger conditions a real challenge which if mastered – will be guaranteed some of the best waves you have ever ridden. Come and surf Frigates at Waidroka!


Long peeling right hander which starts smaller and almost doubling in size on the inside. Mellow take off going into hollow inside section. On medium days this is one of the longest rights surfing in Fiji offers. Works almost at all tides. As you head in towards the inside reef (quite shallow) a full reform/peak will start coming straight at you from down the line. Back door it! Where the boat parks is perfect for barrel photos. Serua is an easy take-off at first and then produces a bowl section which if you pump through and connect produces a fast barrel and then long ride till the shallows on the inside. This is pure fun and every surfer paddling back to the line-up has a big smile on their face.

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