“The man­ual gives you more con­trol and a bet­ter spread…”

New Zealand Truck & Driver - - Big Test -

box, Gav vir­tu­ally slaps the gear­stick across the gate.

“I’ve got­ten used to it, and it’s all part of the driv­ing,” he adds, “but a few times I’ve gone for fifth and got sev­enth.”

Gav doesn’t seem to think that the AMT al­ter­na­tive for the Trakker would suit this job: “We do a lot of spread­ing. We cart chip and gravel to the max­i­mum weight. We do a re­ally good va­ri­ety of work: We’re of­ten up the free­way, 300 to 400 kilo­me­tres, to places like Boyle River.”

On the other hand it’s also of­ten sup­ply­ing metal to the likes of new res­i­den­tial sub­di­vi­sions, city cy­cle­ways and road­ing jobs, “where we need to cart 12-tonne.

And with this truck, we’re able to get in two ex­tra tonnes….20% more.”

But for spread­ing metal, he adds, “the man­ual gives you more con­trol and a bet­ter spread…and bet­ter speed con­trol.”

So it’s good in the slow stuff – and the faster run­ning too, as Gav en­thuses: “Up to 90km/h, when this thing is empty, it’s as quick as a car.”

Even at 44t all-up, as we are for our test, it’s def­i­nitely not slug­gish! It’s up to speed smoothly and eas­ily, and when we reach open high­way Gav sim­ply flicks on the cruise con­trol and – even from as low as 30km/h in top gear – the Cur­sor 13 just pulls strong and clean to the pre-set limit.

Show­ing its con­struc­tion and of­froad pur­pose in life, at 60km/h the en­gine is in the meaty part of the torque band, at around 1400rpm. Another 200rpm gets us to 90km/h. That’s just 100rpm over the green band on the tacho.

With a 300-litre fuel tank, the truck has a de­cent range. One fill of the 40-litre AdBlue tank al­most gets the Cur­sor 13 through two tanks of diesel. It’s a pity that the gauges for each tank are on sep­a­rate pages of the dig­i­tal dash.

The truck is equipped with EROAD’s elec­tronic RUC man­age­ment, com­pli­ance and driver sup­port sys­tem

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