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Take note of wed­ding plan­ner Emma New­man’s top tips:

✤ Keep cocktail hour sim­ple by serv­ing large plat­ters of lo­cal cheeses, gourmet crack­ers and other morsels that don’t re­quire prep.

✤ Serve the main meal fam­ily style, kick­ing off with plat­tered breads and oils. For the main menu, serve up two pro­teins (meat or fish, for in­stance) and two veg­gies – con­sider a green or roasted med­ley, or a fresh salad.

✤ Serve a dessert that can be made well in ad­vance – maybe brown­ies, or pe­tit fours with berries and cream.

✤ Want to keep it re­ally easy? Go with food sta­tions – think a bar­be­cue, a noo­dle bar or a few ta­bles set up which al­low guests to make their own slid­ers or tacos, ex­actly to their pref­er­ence. This elim­i­nates the need for wait staff.

✤ En­list fam­ily and friends. Be sure to have lots of meet­ings so every­one is on the same page, and keep a spread­sheet of who is do­ing what.

✤ Even though you’re putting the prep work in your­self, hire a few staff who can be in charge of clean­ing as the event goes into the night. This means you (and your fam­ily) can sit back and en­joy pro­ceed­ings prop­erly.

EX­PERT TIP Don’t feel pres­sured to stick to tra­di­tional plated wed­ding food just be­cause it’s ‘the done thing’. Your guests will likely en­joy a gourmet pizza just as much as they would a lamb cut­let or fil­let of fish. And it may just be friend­lier on your wal­let, too – win, win, win.

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