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¨ BUTTERCREAM The base is a mix of but­ter and sugar with a smooth, rich tex­ture and makes for a de­li­cious fill­ing or ic­ing. It doesn’t sur­vive well in heat though, so be sure the cake is stored safely in the shade. ¨ FON­DANT A stiff, sweet dough-like ic­ing that can be rolled out and spread over cakes for a smooth fin­ish. It’s a great choice for out­door wed­dings as it with­stands the heat well. ¨ GANACHE A rich, soft mix­ture made of choco­late and cream, used as an ic­ing or fill­ing. ¨ GOLD LEAF A high- shine, crinkly ed­i­ble gold dec­o­ra­tion, pressed onto ic­ing. ¨ HAND- PAINTED Pat­terns and im­ages are ex­pertly brush­painted by hand (usu­ally on fon­dant) and are com­pletely ed­i­ble. ¨ KITCHEN CAKE Also known as a sheet cake, this is a large rec­tan­gu­lar cake to sup­ple­ment slices from a smaller cake used for the of­fi­cial cut­ting. ¨ MAR­BLE The mix­ing to­gether of dif­fer­ent coloured ic­ing or cake bat­ter for a swirled, mar­bled ef­fect. ¨ NAKED CAKE A cake with­out the outer layer of ic­ing, mean­ing lay­ers of cake are on full dis­play, along with the ic­ing be­tween them. Of­ten fruit and flow­ers act as dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments. ¨ SUGAR PASTE A sug­ary dough that’s used to mould and craft flow­ers, rib­bons and other dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments on a cake. Un­like fon­dant, it hard­ens when it dries.

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