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Get the most of your fragrance with Jaquetta Cahill’s top tips


Tips for getting the most out of your bridal fragrance

What is a bridal fragrance?

According to Farmers fragrance buyer Jaquetta Cahill, it’s something you love and something you feel comfortabl­e wearing. “Traditiona­lly, bridal fragrances are characteri­sed by being elegant, luxurious, special and feminine, without being overpoweri­ng. However, the perfect bridal fragrance is the one you love and feel most comfortabl­e wearing. If you feel you want a big bold fragrance, you go for it. If you want something sporty and laid back, just do it.” JAQUETTA’S TIPS FOR WEARING A SPECIAL SCENT ON YOUR BIG DAY Make sure your skin is really well moisturise­d leading up to your wedding. The truth is that dry skin just doesn’t hold fragrance very well. Make sure you’re using a body lotion every morning and every evening. On the day, have a shower (the heat really helps the fragrance to come out), moisturise your body, spray and then get into a bathrobe, or something equally as comfortabl­e, and have your makeup done, champagne with the girlies, and all those other things you do on your wedding day. Before you put your dress on, spray again and let it dry before you put on your beautiful dress. Fragrance contains a lot of alcohol and oils, so it’s not actually a match made in heaven when you combine it with your beautiful bridal fabrics. If you’re topping up throughout the day, spray away from the dress or spray it in your hair ( your hair will hold scent better than any other part of your body). If the fragrance you choose is available in a body lotion or a body cream, I really recommend investing in that. The layering effect is gorgeous, and it will make the fragrance last that much longer. Choose something special! Don’t choose something you wear to work every day. Fragrance unlocks memories in a flash. Choose something you love, and after your wedding you can wear it on special occasions, date nights or when you need a pick me up – it will bring back all those lovely memories of the day.

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