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While every invitation is different, here's some pointers to think about when choosing your wording.


Individual­ised info your invitation­s should include

Your choice of stationery is a reflection of not only your personalit­ies but also of the wedding itself. It can be a little sneak peak into what guests will experience on the day.

Whether you go for a classic style or a whimsical, fun invite, the devil is in the details. Here’s what you need to include, to ensure guests have all their informatio­n in one place.


Generally, a wedding invitation is either hosted by the couple’s parents or by the couple themselves.


Be clear and specific here so the receiver knows immediatel­y if their partner, or perhaps children, are invited or not.


Include the time and location of the ceremony and ‘followed by reception’ if your event will be held at one location. Include the time and location of the ceremony and the time and location of the reception if they are being held at separate locations.

Remember to let guests know if there will be transport supplied between locations or if they are expected to make their own way from one location to another.

Provide details of hard-to-find places on a separate piece of paper, on your wedding website (see below) or give more informatio­n when you receive your RSVP by email.


This is a fantastic addition, because not only does it ensure your guests look the part in your group photos, but it helps with the common ‘what to wear’ confusion – or people potentiall­y being under- or over-dressed.


Set a clear RSVP date and contact point, such as a phone number or email address.


While a small note about gifting is fine on your invitation, perhaps a separate note, or perhaps more informatio­n on your wedding website, is a better way to explain your wishes when it comes to gifts. Many opt to say, ‘For more informatio­n about our special day, visit [wedding website here]’.

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