New Zealand Woman’s Weekly


- Alice O’Connell, Editor

Phew! We’ve had a busy time of late at the Weekly, partly because we caught a glimpse of the truly glorious weather forecast for Easter weekend and decided that we’d make sure we all took the four days off and enjoy summer’s (potentiall­y!) last hurrah. Those late nights in the office were definitely worth it to top up those vitamin D levels! I hope you were blessed with some sunshine in your part of New Zealand and had a lovely, relaxing holiday.

Adding to our busy weeks here in the office has been another project we’ve been working away at. You may have seen it in your local supermarke­t or bookstore – our special, one-off magazine called Retro. The magazine turns back the dial and features some of our favourite faces from yesteryear – everyone from cover girl Elizabeth Taylor and The Monkees, to the king himself, Elvis Presley.

It’s a fascinatin­g wee look back, so I do hope you’ll take a look! We’ve got a sneak peek of what you’ll find in its pages in this issue on page 20, where we remember the tumultuous life of actress Lucille Ball. I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy your week!

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